What is the cost of a private Echocardiogram/ heart scan?

The Fee for an advanced & accredited Echocardiogram is £220 in London Cardiology Clinic. Dr Kosta -  an awarded and accredited Consultant specialised in Imaging Cardiology will perform the scan.  You will receive a signed, professional report on the same day by Dr Kosta.


Where is the clinic? 

The clinic is in central London (Harley Street), 5 min walk from Oxford or Bond Street tube station. A small clinic that has been awarded the IwantGreatCare Certificate of Excellence in 2020. The Best Value for Money in London attained by an exclusion of intermediaries and due to patients' flow and demand.

What is a private echocardiogram?

A private echocardiogram – also known as an echo or heart scan – uses sound waves to build up a detailed picture of your heart. It is similar an ultrasound scan used in pregnancy, but with a special probe related to the heart, meeting the latest, highest standards. 


It is safe and provides a more accurate picture of your heart than ECGs.


The test is painless and without side effects. It does not use radioactivity.


Why do I need an echocardiogram?

Do you suffer from breathlessness, palpitations, atrial fibrilation, chest pain or a valve problem? An echocardiogram gives your Doctor, in this case your cardiologist, information about how well the heart pumps and whether your heart valves are working properly.


What does an echocardiogram involve?

In order to scan your heart, you will be taken into a darkened room. The person performing the cardiac  test is called a Sonographer, who will be an Accredited Expert in Echocardiogram.


You will be asked by the heart specialist to undress to the waist and put on a gown that should be left open on the front. You will also be asked to lie on a couch on your left hand side. If you require a chaperone, you may bring a friend or relative. Alternatively, the Clinic may provide a chaperone at your request.


Stickers will be attached to your chest and connected to the Hi Tech equipment. These will be used to monitor your heart rate during the test by the cardiologist.


An ultrasound probe covered by a small amount of gel is placed gently on the centre of your chest and will be moved to different positions – around the Left side of your Chest. This provides images of your heart from a number of different angles which are then recorded.


During the echocardiogram you will hear sounds coming from the machine, which represent blood flow through the heart.


The echocardiogram will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.


Are there any special precautions that I need to take before the echocardiogram?

No. You can take all your medication as normal. You can eat and drink as normal.


At the end of your echocardiogram

Once the echocardiogram is complete, you can get dressed and leave. There are no limitations to what you can do after the heart scan. For example, you may drive. 

A Tip 

Choose (if you want) the Silver Plan for £295 and Save Time and Money. During the Silver Plan you can have an  advanced Echocardiogram and Consultation with Dr Kosta- Consultant Cardiologist. The consultation is the process where  the patient is telling to his doctor his complaints and concerns and asking questions regarding his health. During the consultation the doctor is listening carefully to the patient, guides the patient through medical questions for risk stratification and clinically examine the patient in order to have a comprehensive picture of his cardiovascular health and well being. At the end of Consultation you will receive an advice for further management and/or Medical Treatment.  This is a process that lasts at least 30 min

Useful contacts

If you are booked to come in for an Echocardiogram in Harley Street and have any questions related to your heart scan, or you would like further information about echocardiography, please, call on 07862115571. Still looking in Google search for a "private echocardiogram near me?" Fill in our contact form and Dr. Kosta will arrange this today.


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* Patients can also be seen at Ealing Hospital, Uxbridge Rd, Middlesex, UB1 3HW

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All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present for any cardiac consultation, examination or procedure, where they feel one is required. Patients have the right to decline the offer of a chaperone. However the clinician may feel that it would be wise to have a chaperone present for their mutual protection.

If you feel that the situation is life threatening dial 999.

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