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Top Private Cardiologist - 2 Harley Street | Ealing | Richmond

Dr Kosta was awarded the iWantGreatCare certificate of excellence in 2020 & 2021 for delivering outstanding care.

Dr Kosta is the founder of London Cardiology Clinics. He offers his services in the Community since 2016. He works at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust (one of the largest integrated care trusts in the country) where he started as a Locum Consultant in 2013. Dr Kosta has a special interest in Cardiac Imaging, Heart Failure, Hypertension and Valve problems. Dr Kosta is awarded the CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training/Consultant Grade)  by the GMC (General Medical Council) after successful completion of a Cardiology Specialty training programme in 2008. So he has more than 15 year experience at Consultant level.

Dr Kosta is committed to systematic continuous professional development and is a member of:

General Medical Council (GMC)

Royal college of physicians of London (RCP)

Fellow European society of Cardiology (FESC)

European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI)

The Heart Failure Association of the ESC (HFA of the ESC)

European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC)

British Society for Heart Failure


He gained advanced work-experience over the past years under the world’s foremost professors in cardiology, with positions at leading Hospitals for Imaging in London (Hammersmith, King's College, Northwick Park Hospitals) and the New York University Hospital-USA, all of which reaffirm his dedication to his work in Cardiac Imaging and especially Echocardiography in which he is accredited.

He was the first Consultant in the West London area to set up and run a Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic with e-bike stress test – a non invasive, painless and community-friendly procedure for discovering Coronary Artery Disease -narrowing in the vessels of your Heart - which can cause Heart Attack.

Dr Kosta has been involved with research from his third year in Medical school and in his final year as a medical student, one of his research papers was awarded the second European Prize in an International Students Symposium. In 2008 he was accepted as a Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology, rewarding his research achievements. That year he also passed exams for European Transthoracic Echocardiogram Accreditation and briefly worked at the department of imaging cardiology at New York University Hospital in the USA.


Remember, you are free to consult Dr Kosta and benefit from his diagnostic Cardiology investigations in Harley Street, Ealing & Richmond without needing to ask your own doctor – just give us a call or fill in the contact form in our website and book your appointment!

A supporting network of Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) of highly-rated experienced experts in the field of Cardiology sharing and practising cutting edge Cardiology is in place  to independently provide the most appropriate treatment plan.

Spend approximately 60 minutes with your doctor - not a nurse/physiologist. Have thorough investigations and consultations (before and after the tests), without rush in a community friendly fees. See Dr Kosta - accredited in Imaging Cardiology and awarded the IwantGreatCare certificate of excellence in 2020 for delivering outstanding care to his NHS and Private Patients.

As Dr Kosta is committed to systematic continuous professional development, his latest being the Harefield Cardiac CT course, fulfilling the ACCF/AHA and BSCI Level 2 requirements. He recently finished his prolonged Heart Failure Course, Level 6 Module, accredited by Warwick-University.

He has also worked as a volunteer at NGO “MEDECINES SANS FRONTIERS” and “MEDECINES DU MONTE” with missions in disadvantaged and deprived communities.

In one appointment - at a time convenient for you - you can have various appropriate Cardiology Investigations (Private Echocardiodogram, ECG or 24h Holter monitoring, treadmill stress test) AND a Specialist Consultation with a high profile Cardiologist, at the same place near to you, a true ‘One-Stop’ solution.

The prices are community friendly due to flow and demand. No Intermediaries. No hidden Charges. No need for a deposit in order to book an appointment. Now, when the NHS is under duress and changing, Dr Kosta is moving next to you in the community, offering an innovative and bespoke service in his One-Stop Cardiology Clinics, wherein you can get high quality, accredited and awarded service from a high profile  Cardiologist in Harley Street, Ealing & Richmond.

Dr Kosta’s bespoke Private Cardiology Service in Harley Street, Ealing & Richmond will also save you valuable time: Firstly, because you do not need a referral letter from your GP, you can Self-Refer Online or by phone, quickly and easily, with no complex forms.

Secondly, you will avoid the protracted waiting lists for your Cardiological investigation by a qualified NHS Consultant Cardiologist physician – who may turn out to be a non-consultant trainee doctor or a nurse/physiologist in a busy outpatient Hospital department. Thirdly, you can avoid a further prolonged wait for a follow-up appointment by the NHS, which can take still more months of your time, should your current doctor need further investigations before making a definitive diagnosis.


Also, you can pay Dr Kosta | Cardiologist in London, in two ways - by using your Private Insurance Provider, or if you don't have or wish to use one - No Worries – you can self-pay. Dr Kosta is committed to keeping his fees at a community friendly level, and at no compromise to the highest global standards in Cardiology.  Your consultations are not hurried or rushed, and (if wanted) a Full Report is provided for each client/patient.